While Hurricane Harvey and Irma left so much damage and destruction in their path and Mexico was shaken by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake, on the other side of the world, devastating floods caused by the monsoon rains have claimed more than 1200 lives and left millions of homes submerged under water across southern Nepal, India, and Bangladesh.

Two friends reached out to us about Nepal, and as so much attention was being focused on the US, where aid is being provided, we decided to turn our focus on getting clean water to Nepal. Dan Wright is part of wimcf.org “The World Is My Country Foundation”, lives in Kathmandu and calls himself their Chief Wrangler.

Dan set up coordinated efforts through his contacts including a member of parliament, local agencies and first responders who are working in the disaster area. One organization Gagan Thapa initiated #FloodBucketsOf Love, which distributed buckets containing rice, hygiene supplies and 1 bottle of water to 3500 victims. Once they heard about our simple life-saving solution for clean water, they wished they could have included a filter in every bucket.

Through some very generous donors, we’ve been able to purchase 100 filters and buckets from a local supplier in Kathmandu and Dan’s contacts have identified a community of 137 families who are out of reach of most relief aid and have reported cases of jaundice. We urgently need to buy more filters to serve more communities as quickly as possible before diseases like cholera take hold.


PTI7_29_2017_000081B One flood bucket Nepalfarmers Info graphics