TULUM, Mexico 16-22 (23) May, 2016

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The Waterbearers: Journey to the Heart and Sacred Waters Retreat (and Filter Distribution in Mayan Country)
Produced by Life Source Retreats in cooperation with The Waterbearers

7 Days/6 Nights*

Prices per person is based on double occupancy. Limited availability. Does not include international travel to Cancun, Mexico. See Package inclusions below

$2400 Twin or bunk in garden   –  $2900 Queen in garden  –  $3300 Shared ocean view suite – $4100 Private garden villa

*$1200 supplement for private villa with king bed plus the $2900 option above

Life Source Retreats  If you have any questions regarding room reservations contact Inquiry@LifeSourceRetreats.com


*Additional 1 day 23-May, 2016 for those entering The Waterbearers Trip Leaders Certification Program not included in the retreat price. Find out more thewaterbearers.org/trip-leaders-certification

Remember how great it felt to donate a filter? Now, can you imagine how incredible it will feel to deliver one? We’re heading to Mexico to deliver our next wave of Love. And you are invited to join us. But, not to just anywhere in Mexico.

The Waterbearers campaign and movement began with a sacred call from Water itself. And we’ve continued listening for where Water wants to take us next! With love and inner wisdom we seek to activate a healing that stretches across the planet, getting clean water to every person. Tulum is home to the sacred waters of the Mayans, called cenotes. And just outside this tropical paradise are thousands of families without access to clean water!


Deliver Clean Water with a Like-Minded Community. Grow Yourself. Deepen Your Awareness. Love Your Planet!

The Waterbearers Distribution trips are unique in that they not only provide each participant with an opportunity to deliver filtration systems, and sustainability training to communities in dire need around the globe, but also provide a personal and group transformational experience, unlike any other. This particular trip to Tulum combines the sacred magic of Mayan Healing Rituals, with heart opening, spiritual deepening workshops. The heart is where divine wisdom resides. When you connect with your heart, your Aligned Purpose becomes illuminated!

You’ll get to experience Shakti Naam Yoga, learn Heart Math principals, dive deeply into ancient Mayan ceremony and folklore, and walk away with energy and awareness management tools that will support you in all areas of your life. We are all energy systems. By experiencing and learning about how those energy systems work and connects us to all life, we can gain a better understanding of how to relate to ourselves and to each other, and how to activate our deeper listening, and receiving! Through this week of awakening and community, we will visit sacred Mayan sites with a Mayan Shaman, bathe in healing mud, swim in the crystal aqua ocean and clearest cenotes, and of course, provide healthy, life-saving drinking water to hundreds of people with great Love!


Trip Hosts: Spryte Loriano and Jane Brinton Co-Founders of The Waterbearers                                                                                              

Trip Workshop Leaders: Erin Toppenberg and Michele Clark-Dougherty – Life Source Retreats


  • Offered first Exclusively to The Waterbearers Community of Leaders and Donors – Limited Spots Available – First Come First Served for accommodation options
  • Join Co-Founders Spryte Loriano and Jane Brinton, along with Advisory Team Member Erin Toppenberg
  • Be part of our 2nd FLOW Clean Water Distribution Team
  • Deliver clean water to hundreds of women, men and children who need it
  • Experience ancient Mayan Healing Rituals and Sacred Ceremonies led by a Mayan Shaman
  • Dive deeply into workshops and community circles led by Waterbearer Co-founders Spryte Loriano and Jane Brinton, and Team Leaders Erin Toppenberg and Michele Clark-Dougherty
  • Be included in the Waterbearers Mini-Documentary
  • Plus, you’ll be in an intimate setting with high-level networking opportunities, not just with our group but the incredibly diverse Tulum community

Added Benefit

For those who are ready … Step into greater Leadership and begin your Training and Certification to lead future Waterbearer Trips, gaining a new income stream, and a way to travel the world, while making a difference!


  • Daily greeting of the Sun with a Mayan Shaman
  • Morning Shakti Naam Yoga with Erin Toppenberg
  • Mayan clay healing and beach ceremony
  • Sunset Sharing Circles
  • Open and closing ceremonies


Heart Math Coherence – Energy Systems and Tree of Life – Sacred Geometry and Sound Healing Journey – Divine Feminine and Masculine Integration – Water Sustainability and Clean Water Filter Distribution Training


  • The Mayan Ruins – Temazcal at Ahau (sweat lodge)
  • Sacred Waters at Cenote
  • The Waterbearers Distribution of clean water systems in a nearby village

 Package Includes

  • Group Transportation from/to Cancun Airport and Hotel (see Travel Information below for group scheduled shuttle time)
  • Accommodations based on room availability
  • All Meals – nutritious and delicious, locally and freshly prepared (2 evening dinners not included so you can explore local restaurants)
  • Morning “Greeting of the Sun” with a Mayan Shaman
  • Multiple life-enhancing workshops
  • Daily yoga
  • All excursions
  • Fitness classes
  • Sunset reflection and gratitude sharing circle
  • Nighttime activities – drum circles, dancing, sound healing, or a night in town

Not included

  • International Travel to Cancun, MX
  • Mandatory Tourist Tax 19%
  • Service Fee 2%
  • Gratuities for hotel and restaurant service
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses and items not specified
  • Spa or other private services
  • Custom menu options – Raw Vegan and Juice Detox $500 pp for the week
  • *Note: If your flight does not meet our recommended schedule for group transportation, taxis are available for about $125 each way.

Cost and Payment Options

Booking cannot be guaranteed without full payment on sign up

$2400 Twin or bunk bed in garden

$2900 Queen bed in garden

$3300 Shared ocean view suite

$4100 Private garden villa

*$1200 supplement for private villa with king bed plus the $2900 option above

Price per person based on double occupancy

Single accommodation may be available for an additional supplement. All pricing is based on availability and offered as first come, first served basis. This is high season in Tulum, and some hotels are already full. 

Credit Cards, if you are paying with PayPal a 2% charge will be added to your card

Contact Life Source Retreats for wire transfer information.

The booking will be made in the currency used in the country where the hotel is located. The prices shown in other currencies are only for informational purposes and are subject to exchange rate variations.


Travel Information

May 16th – Fly into Cancun, MX. Depart Cancun May 22 or 23rd if you are attending the Trip Leaders Certification Program

Ground Transportation

In order to take advantage of our Group Shuttle to Tulum (1.5 hour drive), plan to be at the airport before 1:00pm, as it could take between 20 and 60 minutes to get through passport and customs clearance. If you do have a later flight, we can arrange separate transportation $125 one way (1-2 people). If you need to arrive the night before, plan to stay at a hotel 5-minutes from Cancun airport.

May 22 – For return flights the shuttle will leave the hotel at 11:00am, in time to make flights leaving after 2:00pm.

May 23 – Anyone staying the extra day/night for the Waterbearers Trip Leaders Certification Program, the same time applies for the shuttle or private transportation.

Money – The Mexican Pesos (MXN) Exchange rate March 31, 2016 against the USD Includes 4% typical cash transaction

Example $1 = 18 pesos       $50 = 898 pesos       $100 = 1796 pesos          $500 = 8982 pesos

Passports & Visas

Anyone traveling to Mexico via the USA should be sure to check US visa and passport requirements. US citizens traveling by land or sea can enter Mexico and return to the US with a passport card, but when traveling by air will need a passport.

Citizens of the US, Canada, EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Norway and Switzerland are among the countries whose citizens do NOT require visas to enter Mexico as tourists.

When entering Mexico – Enter the name of your hotel in Tulum:

Life Source Retreats Spa Resort

Address: Carretera Boca Paila Km. 8.35, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Phone: +1 818-483-6447

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance that will cover unforeseen circumstances, flight cancellations, lost luggage etc., and medical coverage.

Worldnomads.com is a reliable, flexible travel insurance if you are interested


We suggest you seriously consider before canceling your trip. Your deposit is non-refundable.

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About the retreat and additional information

Sacred Waters Cenotes (say-NOH-tay) are created by an underground river system and are fresh water sinkholes that the Maya considered to be sacred. In addition they were an incredibly important resource as a fresh water source, and the Mayans also believed they were the entrance to the underworld. Millions of years ago, the Yucatan Peninsula was covered by ocean. Some 15,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age, the sea level descended approximately 250 feet. For thousands of years, the porous land surface, formed by fossilized coral and limestone, has filtered rainwater, which dissolved parts of the subsoil. This process created a system formed by flooded underground rivers and caves. This phenomenon is truly unique, and makes up the largest network of caverns in the world.

Cenotes were so important and central to Mayan culture that they were often represented in art. Many depictions of gods such as Chaac, the Water Lily Serpent, and Chaac Chel show the gods pouring water into a cenote or creating storms.  Some crystal clear water centotes contain huge stalactites and stalagmites, while water lilies growing on the edges of the cenote also symbolized the cleanliness of the water.

Sacred Water Ceremony Water itself is the blessing. Come and commune in a sacred land with sacred waters, to truly envelope the divine feminine energies of nurturing and caring for our whole of creation.  This will be a blessing water ceremony and journey to seed all of the Waterbeares and water giving, life giving, love giving trips to follow. Water is the womb of creation. You will be renewed in your Waterbearer mission. To carry not only the water but, the love and divine wisdom infused into the water – in your own body and in all ways.

Tree of Life – Kabbalah Workshop Kabbalah gives you the access to the power and knowledge of the higher worlds. It is Divine Spiritual Wisdom.  It contains the art of receiving light, and light is the principle of fulfillment. The basis of the holy Kabbalah is the Tree of Life, which consists of ten spheres joined by 22 lines. We will learn more about the Tree of Life and the sphere linked to wisdom as a way to fill up our buckets to overflow, furthering our hearts evolution. Weaved together with sacred geometry we gain a deeper connection to the mystery and magic of life and let it inform our journey as The Waterbearers.

Shakti Naam Yoga The name Shakti Naam is a combination of Shakti, the Universal creative power, and Naam, the cosmic sound current vibrating through all of creation.  Shakti Naam is a new spiritual/yogic art and science, combining mantra, breath, mudras, and sound to create healing in the body. Working with Naam or “the word” has many benefits as it stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands to allow for higher consciousness to be achieved.  It works to clear the mind, and leaves one open and available to listen deeper to the heart, and reconnect with who we truly are.

Temescal Ceremony The Mayan sweat lodge known as a Temescal ceremony is an experience like none other!  There is day long preparation of the sacred stones that our heated by the masculine energy of fire.  You will experience a ritualistic cleansing and offering to the fire before entering the stone womb where the rocks will be carefully placed inside. Through the sacred chanting and feminine waters that are poured over the rocks to create the steam you heal, cleanse, and clear all that does not serve.  When you emerge out from the experience, it is a sensation of rebirth indescribable in words. We then are blessed to walk a few steps to immerse in the essence of original life – the turquoise ocean waters.

Sound and Vibration Workshop – The Universe began and is held together by the power of sound. Sound informs water… and our bodies are made mostly of water. We will learn about the sacred geometries of sound through cymatics as well as experience a magical sound healing ceremony that leaves one vibrating in perfect harmony with the Universe.

Ancient Greeting the Sun Mayan Ceremony Greeting the sun each morning connects you in all dimensions, on all planes in the loving frequency that resonates truth to our being. You will learn how the sun transmits its Codes of Life and experience a recognition of self, and your place in space on this sacred land. Becoming connected to the Light of the Sun is nourishing, and healing to mind, body and soul.  The Sun has the power to raise your consciousness and establish a spiritual communion with the origin of life.  When you live life with the power of the Sun, you glow, radiate and are in the flow of giving and receiving from a place of ease and grace.

More about Tulum and the Mayans