Project Location: Nicaragua, Central America

Project Date: May, 2017

The Waterbearers’ Erin Toppenberg (Executive Director), Ophelia Ramirez (Travel Team Leader), and Jane Brinton (Co-Founder) led a trip to the poorest country in Central America, the land of lakes and volcanoes, and people in need to clean water. 

Team Nica

This trip could not have been made possible without the wonderful people who joined us. Vanessa, Cindy, Karyn, Rebecca, Julie, Jackson, Lori and Philip. 

Each member of the group fundraised to provide the 48 filters that were delivered to our hosts El Coco Loco and their foundation Waves of Hope. In Chinandega we went to two elementary schools and provided them with clean water tanks in the classrooms, then visited homes in the community. We sat and heard from students who had graduated the local high school, and listened to community leaders tell us of their water concerns. In Managua, we visited the Fyera Foundation’s Sunflower Kids, an after school program developed by Waterbearer and Fyera’s founder Sheva Carr. Sheva’s organization has been helping children since the end of the Contra war in 1989. Karyn and Rebecca got to meet Ana Paula and Nimrod, their sponsored SunFlower Kids, and Julie welcomed 9-year old Angel into her life.


“I feel so humbled as I return to my life here in Houston and real sense of calm commitment to do more with The Waterbearers and The Sunflower Kids!  The faces and smiles at the schools stay bright in my heart and the welcome hugs we received remind me – simple kindness is a currency beyond gold.  I have been very conscious of the water I use and the trash I create since coming home, and have had absolutely no desire to shop or add any material crap to my life.  It feels simple and clear – I don’t want to get more I want to give more.”            – Karyn Wilds


Each $50 donation can provide clean water to 100 people a day, and can last a decade. Waves For Water currently distributes the clean water systems using the Sawyer PointOne Filter, including sustainability training in 40 countries.

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