Location: Southern Nepal – Birpur, Bhatigachh in the Morang district.

The monsoon rains of August 2017, where heavier and longer than usual causing excessive flooding in southern Nepal, India, and Bangladesh killing 1200 people. Half a million people were displaced with their homes under water.

Through our Waterbearers women network, we reached out to see if anyone knew of an organization on the ground who could help. Shannon McElyea introduced Dan Wright, Chief Wrangler for The World Is My Country Foundation www.wimcf.org, who lives with his wife and son in Kathmandu. Dan had the connections we needed and quickly set about establishing communications with friends at Samartha Nepal who could identify where we could be of service and bring clean water filters and training. The next hurdle was how to get the filters into the country. We heard that Waves For Water had a supply left over from the Kathmandu earthquake in 2014, but were unable to confirm the availability. In the meantime, we knew we had a window of opportunity to help villagers who were returning home to provide them with clean drinking water before cholera or other water-borne diseases took hold.

We then contacted Sawyer Products in the US, who gave us someone in Kathmandu who could provide us with filters and buckets. We arranged a training session with Aayush for Dan and his team, who then orchestrated the demonstration and distribution of the filter systems to Priyasha Maharjan, Director of Samartha Nepal who facilitated the training. With 100 filters and 75 buckets, they were able to get clean water systems to 135 families, 7 schools, and a temple in Birpur, Bhatigachh in the Morang district.





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