Erin Toppenberg

Erin has played an integral role in the creation of The Waterbearers even before the initial campaign launch in January 2016. As the first member of the advisory board, she resonated with the pure intention of this movement to make clean water accessible to people around the world. She also helped to solidify the partnership between Waves For Water and introduced co-founders Spryte and Jane to the global movement

Says Toppenberg “I have been privileged to be a part of this inspirational energy of The Waterbearers from the very beginning, and it is with sincere gratitude and grace that I step into this trinity of co-founders.”

The mother of two daughters, Erin is passionate about women’s empowerment initiatives. For the past two years, she has attended the UN Commission on the status of women and children and has been a delegate with Pathways to Peace, a peace messenger organization working across multi-generational and multi-cultural boundaries. She is helping to champion The Operation Big Sister movement addressing the issue of sex trafficking by way of a documentary feature film narrative, to raise consciousness and compassion around this issue.

She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Fyera Foundation working with impoverished at-risk youth in Nicaragua by providing mentoring, help with schoolwork and inspiration in the form of artistic expression. She frequently travels to Nicaragua and is excited to incorporate the element of clean water distribution in these trips.

Erin is a Naam Yoga instructor/Universal Kabbalist, and HeartMath trainer, and as such is forever seeking a deeper wisdom, a deeper understanding, and a deeper meaning.  Says Erin “I believe Truth is Truth, and it feels and tastes of remembrance. Through connecting the trinity of these energies that are the three pillars of The Waterbearers – Women, Water, and Wisdom, there is a combined calling me to serve and share. The Waterbearers is the holy chalice from which to quench my thirst and desire for raising the vibration on this beautiful blue planet.”