The Waterbearers is a movement started by two women, Spryte Loriano and Jane Brinton, who both share a passion for seeing everyone on the planet having access to clean water. It was birthed in October 2015, when one evening during a conversation, they both said “The Waterbearers” simultaneously, as if they had instantly been made stewards of women and water. Coincidently, the very next night, Spryte was nearing the end of a good read The Serpent of Light: The Rise of the Feminine: 2012 and Beyond and discovered that the Waitaha people of New Zealand, a Matriarchal culture dating back over 4000 years, were known as the original “Water Bearers.” The phrase jumped out at her as an omen, and there began a journey that would weave together the old, the new, and the magic of intentional service into this movement – #For the love of water! 

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