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Waterbearer Team Leader

I welcome you into my heart temple. My Name is Sarah Uma Kane, and I  am passionately devoted to the awakening of the Divine Feminine force of love. I have been in service to this awakening  and serving humanity in shifting from fear to love  for over 20 years. I am an ordained Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School and a focalizer of this work. As Priestess,  I am a water bearer, a container of  the fluid feminine consciousness.  I have been called to be a guardian of Mothers Waters and have been holding  Global Water Blessings ceremonies for over 5 yrs. Learn more SARA UMA Wisdom Gift: For The Waters


Waterbearer Team Leader

My name is Eliana Gilad, master voice and healing music pioneer, TEDx presenter, author of the forthcoming Miriam’s Secret and founder of Voices of Eden – Ancient Wisdom and Healing Music Institute.  I have dedicated over 25 years and 60,000 hours to revive an ancient self-care method using voice and rhythm as healing and transformation tools, such was practiced in pre-biblical, matriarchal times. Medical research has proven this sound therapy approach lowers stress, replenishes energy, focus and quality of sleep. Learn more ELIANA GILAD Wisdom Gift: Relaxing Music Meditation for Inner Calm / Sound Healing: Ancient Feminine Wisdom Sites for Empowerment / Water Crystal Relaxtion Healing Meditation / Sacred Healing Sounds from the Sacred Oak Grove of Galilee / Music Meditation to Increase Your Self Trust


Waterbearer Team Leader

Hello beautiful women. I’m Sora Garrett, a creative visionary, muse & soul whisperer with a passion for creating a more compassionate and collaborative world. My most delicious work is gathering women to connect hearts while we create innovative ways to generate solutions to real world problems. My favorite title (along with Nana) is “the Miracle lady” because I love to shine light on the small, everyday miracles I find, including the one that is you! Learn more SORA GARRETT Wisdom Gift: One Circle At A Time


I am known as The Empress of Empowerment, and I am a Multidimensional Visionary who is passionate about serving leading transformational coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers, authors and agents of change who want to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service to the world and who want to profit handsomely from following their Spiritual path. Learn more AMETHYST WYLDFIRE Wisdom Gift: Messenger Mountain / The Empowered Messenger


As the CEO and Founder of The Defining Difference – a success-based coaching & training company, I am devoted to helping people master the power of intentional choice to create a defining difference in their own lives. Learn more CINDY ERTMAN Wisdom Gift: Passion, Purpose & Prosperity Guide 


Julia Mikk is an internationally renowned healer, teacher and spiritual guide. She is well known for her profound experiences of deep emotional and physical healing, and helping people to embody courage to live their soul purpose. During the last 12 years she has touched thousands of people all over the world. Side by side with her spirit guides and ascended masters Julia helps people experience a powerful liberation from past karmic knots, and clear out the old patterns that are manifesting as lack, worry, fear or health issues…learn more JULIA MIKK Wisdom Gift: Inner Peace Meditation / Inner Peace TalkSelf Love Meditation / Self Love TalkHearts Desire Meditation 


For the past 25 years I have been living, teaching, and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. Today I am a love and relationship expert, speaker, blogger for the Huffington Post. I love to write and I am the author of ten books including the international bestseller, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction. My newest book is Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate (Harper One).  ARIELL FORD  Wisdom Gift: Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate


With great joy and reverence I offer up the energy of Love in vocal devotion to our sacred element of breathtaking wonder! Growing up near the ocean in Santa Cruz, California, I have always felt a deep connection to water. Learn more HEATHER HOUSTON Wisdom Gift: Calling The Whales


Waterbearer Team Leader

Hi, I am Mia Hewett, and I Create Leaders, Creating Results, Creating a Life Worth Living. If you are ready to start developing your leadership or are continuing to uplevel, come join my team and let’s rise together. Have fun and play full out! MIA HEWETT Wisdom Gift: Mia Hewett Resources


Water Bearer Team Leader

I’m a Feminine Leadership Mentor, founder of Awakening Feminine Leaders and Mum of two lovely boys! I feel honoured to be helping women who want to make a difference in the world, to connect with their Calling, own their gifts, and step into leadership of their contribution in a way that honours their feminine wisdom. I hold 1:1 and Circle-inspired transformative journeys, weaving my experience in Systemic and Ontological Coaching, Nature Based Wisdom teachings and Spiritual Counselling. I’m also an Interfaith Minister, passionate about integrating the paths of business and leadership with spiritual awakening. Learn more: Wisdom Gift:Walking Your Soul Path Workshop and Embrace The 3 Essential Steps To Living Your Calling


Waterbearer Team Leader

Hi! I’m Leah Lund, a Holistic Health Coach, Neuro Nutrient Therapy Specialist, Laughter Yoga Leader & perfectly flawed Human BEING. After years in corporate business leading teams to success, I found myself personally burned out. This experience served as the catalyst for feeling good, creating a new career, attracting new connections and most important- honing a knowing- that we ALL can FEEL GOOD by CHOICE-regardless of our external environment. Learn More LEAH LUND Wisdom Gift: Feeling+Good+On+Purpose+Guide


Waterbearer Team Leader

Erin Toppenberg is a lover of life, humanity, and all its infinite potential!  She is a Shakti Naam Yoga instructor, a therapeutic form of yoga that gives both a physical and spiritual workout as it employs sound vibration, mudras, and powerful breathing exercises in order to create harmony and balance. Learn more ERIN TOPPENBERG


My name is Esther Austin and I’m mother to two young men and a lovely grand-daughter. My remit and passion is personal transformation, empowerment and healing. I am a Transformational Intuitive Healer, Broadcaster, Animal Communicator and Author. I am adventurous, spontaneous, love to dance and explore life to its fullest.  Learn more ESTHER AUSTIN Wisdom Gift: Wounded Lives Wounded Healers


Waterbearer Team Leader

The Me Time Movement Summit Replays/Playshops ~ Access to 5 panel interviews with successful feminine leaders using self care as a tool for meaningful success, 3 interactive webinars to support you in becoming a Me Time Mistress, 5 self care rituals, 13 fabulous free gifts…plus become part of a loving supportive community of women like you! JESS TOMLINSON Wisdom Gift: Flight to Freedom Meditation


Hello! I’m Dawn Marie Payne.  As an Entrepreneur and Business Woman, I’ve created and lead dynamic teams, had successful business partnerships, and created significant wealth in my life. While achieving success in many areas of my life, several years ago, I realized that I was not truly happy. This was a revelation and started me on a path of discovery. Learn more DAWN MARIE PAYNE Wisdom Gift: The Power of Your Identity / Appreciate your Greatness / How To Overcome Failure / The Real Reason…Our Comfort Zone 


Waterbearer Co-Founder

As Co-Founder of The Waterbearers, I feel honored to share this sacred journey with you and to be among so many committed and passionate women. As a social entrepreneur and humanitarian, I also lead international Adventure-Contribution Journeys to help grow your social and business impact. Learn more SPRYTE LORIANO Wisdom Gift: SavasanAahh Meditation  / How To Parent Yourself so Your Partner Doesn’t Have To


Waterbearer Team Leader

I am Christina Ring, a Psychologist, Trained Family Counselor and Coach Specializing in crisis intervention, a CB-Trauma Therapy Systemic Family Constellations Practitioner assisted by Horses, and a Natural Horsemanship Coach. Learn more CHRISTINA RING Wisdom Gift: Horse Guided Empowerment


Water Bearer Team Leader

Alexis Neely is the given name of Ali Shanti, a Business Priestess guiding us to right relationship with time, money and how we get paid so we can cure our money dysmorphia and remember just how much we truly have and can give. Learn more ALEXIS NEELY  Wisdom Gift: LIFT Manifesto


Waterbearer Team Leader

I am a visionary coach for conscious entrepreneurs and I help people just like you to create and grow thriving purpose-driven businesses that make a difference in the world.  Learn more Wisdom Gift: 9 Limiting Beliefs


Water Bearer Team Leader

I am an international coach serving people who choose to create their purpose in life and are ready to take a quantum leap forward in being who they have to be to create the extraordinary. Together we can transform the world; I do so one powerful conversation at a time. Learn more Wisdom Gift: Powerful 90 Mins Coaching Conversation


Waterbearer Team Leader

As a Food Philosopher, author/illustrator, Founder of the Return to Food Academy, I train heart-led Food Coaches, to help people develop a healthy relationship with food, their body & the planet. I’ve been a chef, nutritionist, the Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, Melbourne President of Slow Food, Co-Founder of the World Wellness Project, and a 2009 TEDxTokyo presenter. Learn more Wisdom Gift: Seven Recipes for Life 


Water Bearer Team Leader

I am a Holistic Psychotherapist,  Writer, Speaker, Community Mobilizer and Humanitarian Visionary. In my private practice I work with individuals, couples and families. In the women’s network, First Tuesday I produce live networking events featuring people of influence in the human potential movement, and facilitate our on-line community. I am the founder and Executive Director of a non profit called CMomA…promoting the connection between individuals and couples without children and children in need. Wisdom Gift: 8 minute Higher Ground Meditation


Waterbearer Team Leader

Imagine how clean water will change THIER lives, and how contributing to this Mission will change YOURS! – “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” … “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi. Wisdom Gift: Empowering Quotes


Water Bearer Team Leader

Sophie Chiche is a French-American entrepreneur, optimist, and sweat activist. As the founder of Shape House, an urban sweat lodge, and, an inspiring online community, Sophie uses her personal wellness journey to educate and empower others as they pursue lives that are lived closer to the bone. Among her other accomplishments as a therapist, journalist, and business coach, Sophie has co-authored the well-received book, The Power of Personal Accountability: Achieve What Matters to You, and given two successful TedX talks. Wisdom Gift: See her powerful TEDx Speech on weight loss, self-love, and moving the needle forward — Learning curves — accomplish what matters to you.


Waterbearer Team Leader

I am — Learn more  Wisdom Gift:


Water Bearer Team Leader

I am —   Learn more  Wisdom Gift: