Date of Project: June 2015

History and Scope of Problem:

The Cañari People are one of the oldest indigenous cultures in Ecuador dating back 3500 years. It was an incredible honor to be invited to serve here, and to spend time witnessing their traditions. The villages in Cañar all have piped water in their homes that comes directly from underground springs. Sounds reasonable right, and why wouldn’t that be clean water up in the mountains of all places? That’s the question we asked! Well, it turns out that the Andes Highlands are heavily populated with cows and other animals, and the waste has been seeping into their water supply for hundreds of years. It causes sickness – bottom line!

Project Overview and Result:

An international delegation of entrepreneurs, coaches, and personal development trainers raised the funds from their peers for 56 FILTERS for the Cañari, and SpryteLorianoGlobal donated one bucket to go with each filter. They traveled to Ecuador to provide the distribution and training of the clean water system to the community. There are 248 families that we wanted to serve immediately. Because the families houses are spread apart, we asked the Cañari Community Leaders if they thought the families would share the filters for clean water, and they agreed. We asked FIVE Families to share ONE Filter – And to walk from house to house to serve one another.

Follow Up:

We returned to Cañar to assess the project, and found that although the filters are still being used, the families are finding it difficult to share them with their neighbors because the houses are too far apart. Now our goal is to return in 2016 with more filters that can serve all the families.

Number of Filters Provided: 56 filters

Project Impact : 1200+ people served for up to two decades with proper usage of filter. Due to houses being spread apart, the Impact per filter is reduced due to One Filter being shared among just 5 families or (25 people) versus 100 people as is the normal scenario.

Project Cost: $2800 ($50 per filter, providing one Million Gallons per filter)