Project Location: Tulum, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Date of Project: May 2016

History and scope of the problem:

Although Tulum is a major tourist destination, situated 1.5 hrs south of Cancun, just minutes away from the luxury 5-mile strip of hotels, shops and restaurants local residents lack clean drinking water. Many decades ago, the Mayans who are indigenous to this region used to drink water from the underground cenotes that can be found all around the peninsula. But today with population tourist boom even the cenotes are being polluted and the water that is piped into homes and public facilities, such as schools is not potable.

Project Overview and Result:

The Waterbearers led a international delegation of women team leaders to Mexico, and partnered with Life Source Retreats to provide a demonstration of the clean water system to a Mayan community, where filters were distributed to 3 generations of women in surrounding villages. In Tulum, the team visited School Ford 198 to educate 400 children ages 5-13 about the importance of drinking safe clean water. The group created a catchy song in Spanish, and when the demonstration of a filter attached to a bottle of dirty water children jumped off their seats screaming with excitement to line up to taste the water and fill their water bottles. The filter system is now at the school providing clean drinking water for its students and faculty.

Number of Filters Provided: 30 filters

Project Impact: 3000+ people served for up to two decades with proper usage of filter. And 400 children per day will have access to clean drinking water.

Project Cost: $1500 ($50 per filter, providing one Million Gallons per filter)

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