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Project Locations: Rural Clean Water Program in Grand Bassa County

Impact: 26 Filters provides 2600 + people with clean water for up to 10 years, with proper filter usage

Date of Project: February 2017

The Waterbearers Travel Team (Shelley creekGreenwald, Kathy Steele and Ophelia Ramirez) raised funds for 26 filters and flew to Liberia West Africa as part of their Humanitarian Training for The Waterbearers Travel Team Certification. Led by Co-founder Spryte Loriano, the team brought 22 filters to the rural area outside of the town Buchanan and left behind 8 filters with our on the ground team in Monrovia to be distributed where needed.

Distribution Points:

The first village is called Garpue. This village has over 200 people with 75 school-age children. They all extract water from the creek as their only source. This water is used for drinking, cooking, washing clothes and bathing. It is dark brown and full of contaminates and bacteria. Here we provided two buckets and 5 filters.

The second village is called Chea. It has 313 villagers and their source of water is also from a nearby creek. The town chief is Mary Line, a mother, who is responsible for her village and more than 100 school-aged children. Six filters and two buckets were provided.

Both villages are a 20-minute drive outside of the town of Buchanan, along dirt and dusty roads. Their water source is a 3 to 5-minute walk from the center of each village. Two other nearby villages that were not accessible by road, sent several of their community leaders to learn about our clean water demonstrations. We were able to provide filters and buckets to each of these leaders to take back to their villages reaching a further population of 400 people.

Project Cost: $1300 ($50 each filter, provides one million gallons of clean water).




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