Project: Rishikesh, India      Date: March 2016


Mar 14, 2016 – Installation of the first clean water filters from were delivered to a school in Rishikesh, India where 280 children where also given water-based classes and improv games teaching them about the importance of clean water (drinking, bathing, cooking, and swimming).

The Waterbearers is a global initiative to get One Million people access to clean water by World Water Day, March 22nd. During the first 2.5 weeks of the 30-day campaign more than 160,000 people will receive access to clean water thanks this international humanitarian effort.

Parmarth Nikketan Ashram in Rishikesh had initiated a program called WASH (Water, Health & Sanitation) that is an intergral part of the ashram’s work of their Divine Shakti Foundation. The water filter system corresponds directly with their own initiative, offering the perfect opportunity to present the clean water filters from The Waterbearers.

The US group was led Waterbearers Devaa Haley Mitchell, Stephen Dinan, and Sharona Fein of the Shift Network. “The entire school got together and began chanting’I Love Water! Water is LIFE’, it was really amazing and gratifying”, says Devaa. The team demonstrated the water filter systems to the school children and their teachers, who will help to maintain and clean the filters. The Rhishi Kumar boys who reside in the ashram were also on hand, as were low-income women from the village, ensuring that the systems can be cleaned and maintained in the future. Each Waterbearers water filter has the capacity to provide clean water to 100 people for more than a decade.

Devaa Mitchell’s group will continue their clean water mission, heading to to a medical camp in another rural area of India to do similar installations and demonstrations with the filters. They will meet with the lead doctors of these medical camps to see how they can replicate the process in other areas in the Himalayan region to bring clean water to a region without this precious gift. “We are making amazing progress, and it’s all very exciting” says Devaa – “Thanks and blessings go to all those supporting TheWaterbearers mission to get 10,000 filters donated by March 22, to get One Million People access to clean water.”

All donations go to The Waterbearers partner Waves For Water (501(c)(3)

UPDATE September 2016

Earlier this year, teams from The Shift Network visited India and delivered the first 100 filters for The Waterbearers during our 30-day campaign to get one million people access to clean water by World Water Day. We are grateful for Devaa Mitchell and Stephen Dinan for their contribution, and look forward to partnering with them again for World Water Day 2017.

UPDATE: Many areas near Rishikesh were served with clean water including medical camps and schools reports Dr. Priya.

July 2016 – Medical Camp held in NAIL GAON. This is another village that we visit regularly. It is 25 km from Parmarth located in Yamkeshwar block in state of Uttarakhand with a population of 300 and number of families 65. The filtration system will be used in their school, which caters to 20 children.

MALA Population 1,186. The Sawyer filters donated by The Waterbearers and Waves For Water were put to good use by ambassador Bhagat Singh Jr., who organized the medical camps. Filters were also assigned to the nearby school with 85 children.

PRADHAN Village. Filters were distributed to the principal and teacher of the local school, and from all accounts the filters are working well here.

September 2016 – RAMILJWALA GAON 41km from Parmarth located in Yamkeshwar block in state of Uttarakhand with a population of 415. The medical unit visit here regularly, and now with filters donated through The Waterbearers campaign, can continue to deliver clean water systems. The water system provided now helps 20 children to have clean water daily.

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