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The Waterbearers is a movement started by two women, Spryte Loriano and Jane Brinton, who both share a passion for seeing everyone on the planet having access to clean water. It was birthed in October 2015, when one evening during a conversation, they both said “The Waterbearers” simultaneously, as if they had instantly been made stewards of women and water. Coincidently, the very next night, Spryte was nearing the end of a good read The Serpent of Light: The Rise of the Feminine: 2012 and Beyond and discovered that the Waitaha people of New Zealand, a Matriarchal culture dating back over 4000 years, were known as the original “Water Bearers.” The phrase jumped out at her as an omen, and there began a journey that would weave together the old, the new, and the magic of intentional service into this movement – #For the love of water! 

Spryte Loriano Co-Founder The Waterbearers

Co-Founder Spryte Loriano

Spryte Loriano has been engaged in clean water programs around the world since 2008. She helped raise funds for 22 Rain Catcher units serving 5500 people in Kenya. She also helped provide thousands of water-filtration systems providing clean water for more than 30,000 people in 5 countries (Japan, Guatemala, Kenya, Liberia and Ecuador). Spryte has personally provided sustainability training for hundreds of individuals in each of these countries.

Co-Founder Jane Brinton

Co-Founder Jane Brinton

Jane Brinton was born and raised in England and moved to the United States when she was 20. She soon became a serial entrepreneur after starting the first mobile discotheques in America; ran a boutique public relations and advertising agency in Los Angeles; and founded a successful promotion and management company in New York called This Beats Workin’. For two decades Brinton lived the good life in New York City, but knew something was missing and at the peak of her career she felt compelled to follow another path.

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